1. Technical and Engineering ServicesThere are  an increasing number of scientific and engineering areas in which we at ATC can offer expert opinion. For a growing list of  topics, please click on the "Service Areas". For example, in one case we received data acquired within a company's advanced development department on a highly-complex test and there was a need for a second opinion on analysis and interpretation of the data  to contribute towards the goals and objectives of the project. In another case, an ATC consultant became a temporary member of  the client's team to work for an extended period of time on an R&D  effort of interest. This addition of our expert, essentially filled a recognized void within  the company. In yet another case, ATC provided a thorough literature survey, including patent search, for a client prior to its new product development effort. Finally, another client desired to understand the role nanotechnology played in the fuel technology for investment purposes. We at ATC prepared a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation to describe the gist of the matter and demonstrate the state of the knowledge and technology for this client's decision making process.  Click here to look at a  Partial List of  Seminars and Combined Seminar/Consulting events 
  2. Systems Engineering in Design and Project Management.  At ATC,  we firmly believe in  systems engineering way of thinking towards addressing problems. If you would like to use this approach towards your product development and/or simply desire to infuse "systems  thinking" into your organization, we know how to do it. Systems engineering is particularly employed in complex and large-scale projects and  has shown to highly increase likelihood of success and minimize risks. We have trained corporate employees in systems engineering and taught them to think in this way. We can do that for your employees too.
  3. We offer Comprehensive Reports and Presentations on a number of highly technical subjects and advanced technologies, contributing towards your R&D efforts. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to phase in at any stage of  your research or product development efforts, taken from idea generation, literature/patent search, to feasibility, to research, to design/testing,  to verification/validation, to prototyping, to commercialization and to product launch. For example, almost all of our professional training seminars were initially solicited by companies that needed such information to raise the knowledge level of their employees. There are  other trainings/seminars that have remained as proprietary properties of the corporations we worked with, and as such, cannot yet be offered to the public. As an another example, a client of ours desired to enter into a line of product in Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology and wanted to know more about the technology itself and its roadmap,  to have technical information on the line of product, and to know whether this was a good timing or that it made a good business sense. We at ATC formed a multidisciplinary team from our network of experts  and offered a comprehensive  information to address this client's immediate needs. The company decided to proceed with the product and in the process ATC also contributed towards the new product development effort, in terms of streamlining the process as well as providing  highly technical and engineering information during the design process.  Click on the word FRP  on the image below to see a sample presentation of our work prepared for one of our clients. Also, click  to see a presentation titled "Basic and Applied Research in Coal Utilization for Electric Generation".  For another technical presentation on synergy between supercritical fluids and nanotechnology  click on  "Supercritical Fluids and Nanotechnology". For a sample of our reports click on the following title: "Technologies in Energy Storage for Electricity (ESE) (Smart Grid Applications."
  4. New Product Evaluation on its Criticality Within the Technology Sector.  If you are  thinking to create a new product, or if you are an investor or a Venture Capitalist (VC),  one of the things you must consider before heavily investing is to understand how critical this new product is (or will be) in the technology within which the new product of interest resides. This is especially important if you are operating within a rapidly and newly evolving technology.  For example, if you are thinking of a new additive for  the fuel to be used in automotive industry, then the criticality of this additive to the combustion and emission technologies  employed in  the automotive sector must be thoroughly evaluated early before full commitment is made towards research and development. At ATC, we have an increasing number of  experts in our network that can offer their services so that your decision making process is more informed and  intelligent, thereby minimizing losses and risks.
  5. Management of Innovation in R&D Environment.  Innovation is in the core of the survival of the fittest organization in today’s technology-driven global economy. Innovation process  begins with identification of  the market needs or technology opportunity and then goes through stages such as adopting or adapting existing technology that satisfies the identified need or opportunity, inventing when needed, and finally transferring this technology by commercialization or other instrumental means. Considering the key role  R&D plays in the economic health of a nation and the world as a whole, the profitability of a business, the effectiveness of a technology-based governmental agencies, and the enormous  investment nations make in R&D activities, effective and efficient R&D management to bring about innovations can have profound and determining consequences.  In this seminar,  issues related to an innovation-driven economy and its management are discussed in the context  of research and development. For a sample presentation click on Management of Innovation in R&D.
  6. Comprehensive Evaluation of Corporate R&D for Effectiveness and Competitiveness. If you think your R&D division is not effective or efficient in terms of the ROI (stemming from the R&D activities), we can offer our services to, first and foremost, diagnose the problem areas and, second, to formulate a course of action, and finally assist you in its implementation. Our proprietary diagnostic questionnaire to  your employees  can pinpoint  trouble areas so that the remedial solutions and corrective actions are highly targeted to improve the identified weak points, while keeping the exiting strengths and competitive advantage attributes intact.  For example, a client of ours suspected that it had a motivation problem in its R&D department.  ATC was then consulted and  after  a couple of initial meetings  with the VPs and C-level executives, they agreed to utilize our diagnostic questionnaire. The outcome has not only  verified executives' initial hunch but also identified the specific processes, policies, managerial, leadership, and behavioral components  that contributed to the lowered motivational energy within the R&D department of this company.
  7. Technology Roadmapping (TRM). At ATC, we can either work with you, as a member of your team, or do it entirely at ATC to prepare a detailed roadmap of  the technology within which your firm operates. This is an integrated and important component of any product development,  technology assessment, R&D and corporate strategic planning, and technology transfer effort.
  8. Integrated R&D and Corporate Strategic Planning. It is highly recommended that companies along with its R&D department go through strategic planning exercises once every two years or so, depending  on the size and evolutionary stages of the company.  At ATC we  engage in both R&D and corporate strategic plannings. We have our own methodical approach to ensure that not only a  relevant and effective strategy is crafted, but also implemented smoothly so that employees act as well as  "think" strategically.  We can specifically assist  formulation of your R&D  strategy and ensure that it is aligned with your corporate strategy.
  9. Feasibility and Economic Analysis.  Extensive research has shown the importance of  feasibility and economic analyses in innovation process and new product development.  ATC has assisted others to perform intelligent feasibility and early economic analyses to increase the likelihood of  both technical and market successes.  We have seen an increasing number of  downstream failures with  large  financial losses that have been traced back to a poor feasibility and/or economic analysis.
  10. Technology Transfer. Knowledge and technology transfers are one of our services and we at ATC can streamline/facilitate such transfers both within organizations and across the national borders. We enter into the technology transfer process at the knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation stages. In the following please find areas in which we offer our services: 
    • Technology assessment using TRL levels, technology roadmapping, and others (also see the slide to the right),
    • Drafting/editing agreements with industries (NDA, MTA, joint research agreement, license agreement, etc)
    • Formulation and implementation of comprehensive technology transfer plan and strategy, and 
    • Technology scouting.
  11. In-house Professional Trainings/Seminars on an increasing number of topics. Although a partial list of  seminar topics is  given below, we continuously develop new training seminars to serve our clients' needs. In fact,almost every one of our professional education/training seminars was originally prepared for one of our clients. With their permissions, these seminars/trainings were later made available to public. Contact ATC for a more economical  seminar pricing to be conducted at your company (i.e., in-house) by our consultants. For a comprehensive list of  topics, please click on the "Service Areas."  Click here to look at a  Partial List of  Seminars and Combined Seminar/Consulting events.
  12. Electronic (PDF) and hard copies of the professional education/training seminar materials. This can only be purchased through ATC. Most of our clients, or those individuals who attended such seminars, have decided to purchase electronic (PDF) versions of the presentations for transportation convenience, speedy access anywhere in the globe, and compatibility with digital world. Please keep in mind that individual copies are for individual use and have certain copyright restrictions. However, corporate copies are available with minimal restrictions limited to the employees of the specific corporation. Contact ATC for pricing and additional related information. 
  13. Professionally-prepared audio-video Powerpoint-type presentations of  all professional education/training seminars are available for purchase by the companies. Each slide is presented with a clear audio by our award-winning expert consultants, thoroughly describing the subject, while a digital pointer guides the users to where the attention is to be focused. Companies can store such audio-video presentations on their intranet to be used by their employees at any convenient time and pace to them.  There would be no loss work or out-of-town travel expenses for attending such seminars. It is a cost effective way of approaching  professional training which, once completed, also positively contributes towards R&D, design, and intelligent new product development efforts. Presentations are updated every year at a fraction of the original
    cost.  Please contact ATC for more details and pricing. To view a short sample of the "audio-video Powerpoint-type presentation" click on the word "IGNITION" in the  image located to the right to get a feel of how course information is transferred (the copy sold is of high resolution with high quality sound). High-speed internet access is recommended.To view another short sample of the "audio-video Powerpoint-type presentation" on "Understanding Combustion and mission of Pollutants for Engineers"  go to the following link at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNkyzOET2Q4 . High-speed internet access is recommended.
  14. Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Financial Market.  At ATC we have developed expertise to analyze financial markets for investment and intelligent future forecasting purposes. A proprietary  mathematical approach has been developed during the past 15 years  to successfully analyze market dynamics, specifically for the equity market.  Please contact ATC  for demonstration, testing, and purchasing.
  15. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)ATC  assists firms  during the entire "software adoption"  process (a subset of the Technology Transfer)  to successfully implement and integrate the CRM within the organization.   For more information on our implementation and integration approach click on CRM.
  16. Expert Witness in Legal MattersATC consultants have provided reports and appeared in court as expert witness in legal matters pertaining to a number of  technical areas. This provided a tremendous assistance to attorneys in understanding the main issues (from a technical perspective) and  in terms of carving a defense strategy and tactics to maximize their success likelihood in defending their clients. The range of ATC activities spans from a mere patent and technical analysis (providing an easily-understandable  synopsis) to appearance in the  depositions and courtrooms.  Please contact ATC for more information. For a list of cases  in which  ATC offered assistances, please click on "Sample Cases".