• In-house Professional Training on Automotive & Aerospace Topics
  • Evaluation of New Products in Terms of  Their Importance  Within the Technology Sector, Competitiveness, and Market Demand
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Corporate R&D for Effectiveness, Innovation Performance/Attributes, and Future Success              
  • Management of R&D Teams and Organizations
  • Systems Engineering  in Design & Project Management
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of the Disruptiveness Potential of New Technologies

  • Integrated R&D and Corporate Strategic Planning  
  • Benchmarking Corporate Board of Directors
  • Consulting on Advanced Technologies
  • Combustion & Emission of Pollutants
  • Nanotechnology and Applications in Fuels & Propellants
  • Ignition Technologies for Combustion Engines
  • Gas Turbine Engine Combustion and Emission of Pollutants
  • Composite Materials, FRP, and Pressurized Composite Gaseous Fuel Storage  
  • Liquid Atomization & Fuel Injection    
  • Propulsion Systems Design
  • Combustion Instability

  • Management of Innovation
  • Car Accident Reconstruction 
  • Expert Witness in Legal Matters 
  • Corporate Finance
  • Feasibility and Economic Analysis 
  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Financial Market
  • Business Analysis for Investment Purposes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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We provide a portfolio of award-winning multidisciplinary information and knowledge services comprising of technical, managerial, financial, policy, and market analyses in order to assist our clients meet their objectives efficiently and economically, thereby contributing towards their journey to the leadership position.

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