For over twenty years, Dr. Chehroudi has been involved  and assisted  law offices (lawyers/attorneys) and prosecutors as a consultant and expert witness in small to large class-action lawsuits pertaining to automotive (car) accidents.   Portfolio of our activities span from preparation of a thorough report after examination of all  communicated records to even performing tests for generation of supporting data and analysis, vehicle accident reconstruction, and deposition.

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Sample Court Cases:

  • Cooling system overheat and facial injury of the owner after the car was serviced for engine cooling  [Chicago, IL]
  • Patent infringement against an automotive industry  regarding the Corvette LT1 engine reverse cooling system (Involved OEM) [Chicago, IL]
  • Class action lawsuit against an automotive industry regarding engine sealing matters (Involved OEM) [Chicago, IL]
  • Roll over accident investigation of a major automotive company SUV with injuries [Orange County, CA]
  • Defective intake manifold gasket issues on an OEM car (Class Action) [Toronto, Canada]
  • Accident reconstruction between a truck and a passenger vehicle in highway [Orange County, CA]
  • Patent infringement related to fuel injection  used in advanced internal combustion engines (Involved OEMs) [Orange County, CA]
  • Claim evaluation pertaining to devices to improve fuel economy  in internal combustion engines used in cars [Chicago, IL]
  • Bodily injury of a pedestrian as a result of uncontrolled engine acceleration claim [Orange County, CA]
  • Ignition malfunction leading to engine damage in a passenger vehicle [Orange County, CA]
  • Evaporative emission system malfunction and substantial owner expenses [Orange County, CA]
  • Gasoline Direct Injection intake valve deposit issues [Philadelphia, PA]
  • Head-on collision between a truck and a passenger car in which a husband and wife burned to death (Case against an OEM) [Little Rock, AR]
  • Expert witness pertaining to a State Supreme Court tax-exempt law on manufacturing equipment (against a pipe coating company)
  • Park-to-reverse transmission defect, causing inadvertent backward movement of a parked vehicle leading to severe bodily injuries (against OEM)


Note: Case summaries will be discussed for client's assessment. However, no protected information is disseminated