Realization  of the increasingly more shrinkage of  the available time for professionals to expand their knowledge beyond existing boundaries, combined with simultaneous demands from different directions to continuously self-improve, prompted us to prepare  two- to three-page  tutorial articles describing the essence of the selected topics with key references (offering more details)  in order to maximize effective transfer of information with minimum amount of time. Sample tutorial articles are given below.


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  1. Synopsis of emission of pollutants and their controls in modern engines
  2. Honda's six-cylinder engine technology
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of downsizing and turbocharging
  4. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating systems in engine
  5. Injection strategies for compression ignition (Diesel) engines_ Part I: Common rail injection system
  6. Injection strategies for compression ignition (Diesel) engines_ Part II: Pilot - split - interacting-sprays injection systems
  7. Composite materials and their uses in cars_ Part I
  8. Composite materials and their uses in cars_Part II
  9. Cylinder based engine control system
  10. Cylinder deactivation: the idea and its practice
    (see also Engine Cylinder Deactivation Saves Fuel or Click  "here")
  11. Design rationales for popular engines
  12. Diesel engine emissions (Hydrocarbon)
  13. Automotive environmental issues and the role of  fluoroelastomers
  14. Essentials of compression ignition diesel engines
  15. Gasoline direct injection: Reasons, operation, and  potentials
  16. Homogenously charged compression ignition (HCCI) engine
  17. Hybrid electric vehicle: Reasons, Concepts, and Issues
  18. Hydrocarbon emission from spark ignited engines
  19. Ignition: A critical first step for combustion
  20. Laser ignition for combustion engines_ Part I
  21. Laser ignition for combustion engines_ Part II
  22. Liquid fuels from gases and role of catalysis
  23. Metal foams: A new automotive material
  24. Nanotechnology and its interface with automotive industry
  25. Nitric oxides emissions from combustion
  26. Telematics_ the next revolution
  27. The fuel cell_ science and technology
  28. The story of knock in SI engines
  29. Variable valve timing and lift: The rationale
  30. Cyclic  variability in Spark Ignition (SI) engines